Grim Meathook Haitian Cholera Voodoo Lynchings.

What the.

At least 45 people, most of them voodoo priests, have been lynched in Haiti since the beginning of the cholera epidemic by angry mobs blaming them for the spread of the disease, officials said.

"People who practice voodoo have nothing to do with the cholera epidemic," said Max Beauvoir, the head of a voodoo organization in the Caribbean country.

Some of the victims were killed with machetes, others were burned alive by mobs that added tires and gasoline to stoke the fires. The cholera outbreak started in October.

The victims have been targeted because of "misinformation" that had been circulating in the community that voodoo practitioners were spreading cholera by using witchcraft, according to communications Minister Marie-Laurence Lassegue.


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3 Responses:

  1. nekosprocket says:

    "At least 45 people, all of them not very good at voodoo..."

  2. You'd think that history would contain more instances of people blaming the local priest for whatever disaster had befallen the community, to be honest.

  3. violentbloom says:

    unless the voodoo priest have been shitting in the water supply....

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