Allow me to be the zillionth person to show you the Lego Antikythera Mechanism

The video is stop-motion, not a computer sim!

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  1. Joe Johnston says:

    I had not see this before. Thanks for resharing it.

    Those videos are simply amazing. I knew of the original device, which serves as a reminder that ancient people were far more clever than we moderns like to give them credit for. Just because they lacked a PS2 does not mean that they couldn't make calculators, batteries, surveying equipment or move cyclopedian monoliths long distances into precise locations.

    The human mind has not changed much in several thousand years.

  2. piku says:

    It's always good to see well made YouTube videos instead of some blurry crap or some boring nerd droning over the top.

    Also the Lego mechanism is kind of cool too.

  3. says:

    Of course, I too have the video on my website. The first one, that is. Thank you for providing the second one, as I had not seen that before.

    There are some very good images on Flickr and Wikipedia of fragments of the actual mechanism. It is on permanent display in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. It doesn't look that impressive to the naked eye, but with x-ray and other imaging, it becomes clear how well the original Antikythera was machined, or whatever the right term would be!

  4. klar says:

    these men never gave up on legos and that is a good thing.

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