20 Worst Songs of 2010

The snark in these reviews is nuclear!

From Smash Mouth, Train picked up an earworm that burrowed into society's asshole, laid 4.7 million iTunes eggs, and gave birth to a grey cloud of banality that covers the Earth. [...] (For those of you who arrived late, Smash Mouth was a band from the late '90s that was formed when a soul patch met cake frosting. Their wikki-wikki scratching and dorkpie hats did to music what blood-soaked clowns do to the dreams of sleeping children.)

I feel lucky to report that with the exception of the Salem track, I haven't heard any of these songs!

And I'm going to keep it that way.


A Very Zombie Holiday

"An instructional video for ensuring a happy home during this zombie-infested holiday season."

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reset USB bus on MacOS?

Dear Lazyweb, how do you reset a Mac USB bus?

I have a Mac Mini (Core Duo 1,1, 10.5.8) with a pair of external USB drives attached. Sometimes when I reboot it, one or both of the drives doesn't come up. Power-cycling the drive enclosure itself sometimes works; sometimes power-cycling (not just rebooting) the Mac itself is required.

But I'm not in the same building as the machine, so both of these require the hardship of putting on pants.

Is there some software-based way to smack the living shit out of a Mac's USB bus to make it reset and re-probe all attached hardware?

(FWIW, the System Profiler is only seeing one of the two drives right now. Both enclosures are the same model and report as "Sunplus Technology USB to SATA bridge ST31000528 9VP5JYCH").

I think I've asked this before and the answer was "you can't", but I figured I'd try again.

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