The Deers of Perception

What could be more festive than spending a night locked in an art gallery with a dozen reindeer and a fridge full of psychedelic drugs?

The urine is collected by handlers and stored in fridges by the walls, which also hold both dried and fresh fly agaric mushrooms. By day they're locked, but at night the fridges are opened, allowing people staying over to sample the contents. However, because only half the reindeer are fed the mushrooms, it's impossible to know which bottles, if any, contain hallucinogenic urine.


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Wow do I hate 3D.

The only time I even notice the 3D is when it's blurry -- which is most of the time. E.g. any time I move my head from being perfectly vertical and motionless.

I'm never making that mistake again.


Tron Holiday Special

"I've never processed so much joy data."

Previously, previously.

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