Who Wants to Be Mayor of San Francisco?

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5 Responses:

  1. pmb7777 says:

    JWZ for mayor.

  2. gordonzola says:

    Well, that is stupid.

  3. elusis says:

    for Mayor.

    (And, I'm over people being all HERP DERP DERP about RCV because seriously people, if a bunch of net.goths could figure it out for scheduling Convergence, it is not fucking calculus.)

  4. lifftchi says:

    I think I'm convinced that XtraNormal, despite its charming robots, is not a good format for political discussion.

    For Dinosaur Comics, however, it is totally brilliant.

    • These videos are seriously annoying. Why do people even make them? I'd rather read a transcript than listen to a terrible TTS engine overlaid on crappy animation.