Le Necronomicon de Vhallennes

Le Necronomicon de Vhallennes

In 2005 I was called, in my capacity of Artisan's Book, to look after the restoration of a book found in an old house-in-Vhallennes Weppes (59 North) by a Notary following the death of the owner.

The book, in a terrible state, was identified as a French translation of Kitab al-Azif of Abul Hazred by historians, antiquarians and bibliologues also called on the restoration project and studies.

A restoration workshop was installed instead of Vhallennes to limit additional damage that could cause repeated displacement. After a long series of photographs of over 600 pages of the book, the book has been completely digitized in order to list all the missing parts, whether physical, graphic or typographical.

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5 Responses:

  1. npat says:

    I cannot decide if this is magnificent or terrible! If the book proves to be genuine, then I can only hope that the scholars will show some self-restraint and refrain from publishing significant parts of it. The world is not yet (and probably will never be) ready to deal with knowledge of such horrific nature and magnitude---especially if it is true that the book is a direct translation of the Arabic text. Generally, I'm against any form of censorship, but this is one of the (very few) cases where I would gladly make an exception.

    • Me says:

      Last time this made the rounds in 2007, it was an art project by French composer/artist Turjan (Alain Pachins). I suspect that it still is.

  2. This is the best thing ever.

  3. Jo Bangeborg says:

    Is this in some way related to Antichthon Universalis?