Google Facebook smackdown

This is awesome:

Google will no longer let other services automatically import its users' email contact data for their own purposes, unless the information flows both ways. It accused Facebook in particular of siphoning up Google contact data, without allowing for the automatic import and export of Facebook users' information.

Google said that while it makes it easy for other Web services to automatically import a user's contact data, Facebook was not reciprocating.

"We have decided to change our approach slightly to reflect the fact that users often aren't aware that once they have imported their contacts into sites like Facebook, they are effectively trapped," Google said in an emailed statement.

"We will no longer allow websites to automate the import of users' Google Contacts (via our API) unless they allow similar export to other sites," Google said.


4 Responses:

  1. slavezombie says:

    I love my lj, and no matter how easily updating entries with 3rd party services, tweeting and facebooking will always come second to lj. Now if I can only figure out how to hook up my Royal Quiet Deluxe typewriter to my blog, I will be happy.

  2. greatevil says:

    Sadly most scripts I've found to rip friends info from FB by hand no longer work.

  3. netik says:

    Facebook was doing nearly the same deal with Twitter. They'd gladly take our tweets and user data but wouldn't allow us to do the same for Facebook to Twitter.

    This is a good decision.

  4. duplicate_id says:

    Facbook is the rogue arms-dealer of the open web. They take advantage of open society, make bank, and hide behind the same privacy they exploit.