Ever notice that the size of the watermark is inversely proportional to the quality of the photo?

Dear Sir: your work is shit. Nobody is going to "steal" it from you.

9 Responses:

  1. gryazi says:

    Needs a 'furries' tag.

  2. tjic says:

    Is there an image that's supposed to be rendering here?

    Using Chrome on Ubuntu 10.04 and not seeing anything...

  3. mcity says:

    Unless the person actually has gotten so good that people have already started stealing.

  4. spendocrat says:

    Somewhat similar is the insistence that fan people credit the guy who made that sweet custom Supernatural icon... from copyrighted material.

    • mcity says:

      There was one person on LJ who insisted that she didn't have to credit icons unless it was made entirely from scratch. Yes, even the fonts used. The two gentlemen above, which I made from scratch, apparently didn't qualify because of that last bit.

      Of course, they were a real piece of work anyway.