Can someone explain why Dutch twitterers seem to use "@jwz" as random "lol"-like punctuation?

It is annoying and I want them to stop.

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  1. xach says:

    I feel your pain. Though maybe not as much. And apparently "#lisp" has another definition unrelated to programming...

    • jwz says:

      At least "xach" appears to be an actual word. I think I'm encountering some kind of moonman leetspeak.

      • dasht says:

        not leetspeak, I think.

        There's apparently a rapper or rap group or something called "je weet zelluf" ("you know zelluf") -- punning, apparently on "je weet zelf" (i think ambiguously suggesting "you yourself know" and, kinda, "you know your self". Trippy, get it? No? Well, do you know Zelluf? He can explain.) The rap thing gets called JWZ.

        Small world.

  2. freiheit says:

    slang for "you know", apparently:

    • jwz says:


      Dutch for "you know" is "je weet". Your explanation fails. It also doesn't address the omnipresent at-sign.

      • kensey says:

        According to the Wiktionary link he posted, the full slang phrase is "je weet zelf/zellef", so there's the 'z'. I don't know about the @ sign but American Twitterers occasionally do things like "@LOL" or "@fail" so it may just be one of those stupid things that are the reason I hate the Twitterization of the Internet.

        • solarbird says:

          Verbs like @fail go back to ye olde moo/mush/etc days, wherein a lot of programming functions were prefixed with the @ sign (e.g., @switch, @add, and so on), and, well, you can follow the rest. Maybe that's where it came from.

        • jwz says:

          Thank you for also reading to me the content of the link that I clicked months ago.

          • dasht says:

            TEH GOOGLE SAY WHAT?

            je weet zelf

            you know yourself!

            als je helemaal verslaafd bent aan JWZ ["je weet zelluf"]

            if you're addicted to JWZ ["you know zelluf"]

            of als je het zelf weet

            or if you know yourself

            yadda yadda. I gather that they (JWZ) are a rap group. So, you know, you prbly don't want get all up in their Sh*T and all. Or something.

            (e.g., etc. ad nauseum)

        • badc0ffee says:

          The Twitter website needs a realtime preview/interpreter as you compose your tweet. For example, if a user typed "fell on my #ass @lol @jwz" it could show "Your tweet mentions the topic #ass, and Twitter users @lol and @jwz.", and then the user would realize their mistake.

          Wishful thinking, but maybe it would reduce abuses like @lol by a bit.

          (That's assuming I understand the problem correctly. I don't use Twitter much.)

  3. cnoocy says:

    Have someone make a bot that curses them out in Dutch if they use it?

  4. gths says:

    Hell I didn't even know you had a Twitter thing, I thought you'd be above that for some reason.

  5. lx says:

    Same thing with @lx for some reason. Usually Spanish. I don't know why.

  6. davidglasser says:

    I just get people talking about going to see Glasser, but on the bright side, mildly complaining about that got me on the guest list last Thursday.

  7. prock says:

    You might take the (apparently) third most obvious approach (after googling, and asking LJ) and ask one of the tweeters themselves.

    • jwz says:

      Yes, I might try that.

      Oh wait, I did.

      • prock says:

        I take it you did not get a satisfactory answer.

        If at first you don't succeed...

      • duplicate_id says:

        Karma sucks

        I think you just have to suck it up and accept the fact that, as punishment for your part in setting into motion the bleak, horrible future that allows Twitter to exist *at all*, you have to put up with your initials being some random language's kids' semi-verbal discharge.

        Hey, you got a club out of it, and nobody holds Dan against you.

  8. pushupstairs says:

    My twitter username is tape. Apparently there is some dance club in Berlin called Tape, because I often get weird @tape mentions in ze Deutsch.

    I know the feeling.

  9. spendocrat says:

    Auto/semi-auto flaming is the only answer.

    • strspn says:

      Ask netik for a mentions search query interface which filters out certain default languages (perhaps from an "accept" header if Twitter isn't already tracking language.) That would probably be useful for a lot of people.

  10. fantasygoat says:

    Wish I had been more proactive and snagged "fantasygoat" before some weird sports blog got it. Not that I would use it, I'd just like someone else not to.

  11. edouardp says:

    My guess: about a hundred dutch people typing "#jwz" as a hashtag a day, and out of that number one or two make a mistake and write "@jwz" instead.

    I know I made the #/@ mistake a few times the first week I used twitter (sorry @aws whoever you are). I bet some people take even longer to twig.

    Not a very interesting explanation, sorry, but does it sound about right?

  12. remonstrare says:

    Why did you sign up for Twitter in the first place? You surely knew that anyone in the world could jab their fingers in your eyes just by writing "@jwz".

    I heard about Twitter first through morons hitting "reply" in a threaded discussion forum and starting their message with "@remonstrare". They're almost as stupid as Youtube commenters. I haven't signed up for Twitter and yet I'm still down with the cool kids.

    Delete your Twitter account before the service implodes, so you can say you did it before it was popular.

  13. ramses0 says:

    @app in my tweet

    I have to admit I felt a little bad when I tweeted some python code that had an @app decorator. I don't know that there is a way to get around that on twitter so I just have to assume that somebody who may have registered @app will just have to get over it.