Each key is attached by fishing line to a solenoid. The solenoids sit behind and underneath the typewriter in a multi-layer structure. The solenoids are connected to a MOSFET, which allows the lower-power parts of the circuit to control the high-power solenoids.

The MOSFETs are connected in sets of eight to shift registers. The shift registers are connected to an Arduino, which is connected to a computer via USB.

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  1. inoah says:

    That's exactly the model of typewriter I had in high school. I still have a Corona in the closet that I can't seem to get rid of, but it's a slightly older one than that. Want it for your USB keyboard project?

  2. aris1234 says:

    Very cool - I recall playing the original adventure on a teletype off of a PDP11/70 running RSTS way back in school.

  3. lionsphil says:

    This is incredibly cool. When I realised what it was typing I wondered if he'd managed to preserve the keyboard as an input device, and then the hands appeared.

    Posessed typewriter is best Zork interface bar none.

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