Canon "Original Data Security Kit" proved useless

Canon Original Data Security System Vulnerability

Modern DSLR cameras produced by Canon feature Original Data Security system which is meant to securely validate the authenticity of image data and prove image genuineness. Accordingly, one can use OSK-E3 (Canon Original Data Security Kit) which comprises smart card and special software to verify a digitally signed image.

ElcomSoft discovered the vulnerability which allows producing images that will be positively validated by Canon’s own Original Data Security Kit (OSK-E3) regardless of whether or not the images are, in fact, genuine.

I first mocked this snake-oil in 2005: I'm glad someone finally got around to cracking it.

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Law and the Multiverse: Is Batman a State Actor?

Is Batman a State Actor?

As a result, evidence that a superhero obtains by breaking into a villain’s headquarters is admissible even though it was obtained illegally. See, Burdeau v. McDowell, 256 U.S. 465 (1921). And since it doesn’t invoke the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine, any additional evidence obtained via the original evidence would also be admissible. [...]

In the real world, this would cause significant problems for Batman and Gotham. Batman’s rough and tumble style would lead to a rash of Section 1983 claims for damages and probably also for an injunction against Batman’s future cooperation in police investigations. As discussed earlier, most evidence that Batman collects would be inadmissible, and police use of that evidence might bar the use of additional evidence collected during a subsequent police investigation.

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Google can now translate to and from Techno-Viking.

Go here. Click on "Listen".
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DNA Lounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein photographic evidence of our 25th Anniversary is presented.

what mad future is this where one cannot rely on the sanctity of Courier?

Dear Lazyweb,

I am told that looks wrong in both Firefox and MSIE on Windows, because the text that should be bold is showing up in a font of a completely different size than the non-bold text.

Can someone explain to me what's going on and how to fix it?

I mean, come on, MICROS~1, what part of

    body,pre,b { font: 10pt Courier,monospace; }
    b { font-weight: bold; }

did you not understand?

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You are all coming to the DNA Lounge 25th Anniversary party tonight, yes?


Ms. Pac Man

And Ms. Tetrises:


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The Stargate program has fallen on hard times.

Previously, previously, previously.

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Strandbeest Segway

I thought I had posted this before, but apparently not...

And people say I'm hard to shop for.

Previously, previously, previously.

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Le Necronomicon de Vhallennes

Le Necronomicon de Vhallennes

In 2005 I was called, in my capacity of Artisan's Book, to look after the restoration of a book found in an old house-in-Vhallennes Weppes (59 North) by a Notary following the death of the owner.

The book, in a terrible state, was identified as a French translation of Kitab al-Azif of Abul Hazred by historians, antiquarians and bibliologues also called on the restoration project and studies.

A restoration workshop was installed instead of Vhallennes to limit additional damage that could cause repeated displacement. After a long series of photographs of over 600 pages of the book, the book has been completely digitized in order to list all the missing parts, whether physical, graphic or typographical.

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