World's Tallest Climbing Wall


26 Responses:

  1. skreidle says:

    That is a phenomenal climbing wall.

    Website's here:

    37m/121ft tall, incidentally.

  2. vomitrocity says:

    That is the scariest goddamn thing I have ever seen and I appreciate the chosen tag. XD

  3. _candide_ says:

    Ummm … why.

    At that height? Why not just take the time to drive to a nice cliffside?

    Oh! *facepalms* This wall is in the Netherlands. Ok. Flatter-than-flat. Need artificial cliff. I got it now.

  4. palmir says:

    ... why do they have a moat around the complex?

  5. I think my first thought was "Ffffuuuuuu..."

    (reCaptcha: Marshal demagua. Sounds South American, whoever he is.)

  6. chaos_israel says:

    Oh. Hell. No.

    Also is that idiot free-climbing it?

  7. remembering says:

    It's a huge human plinko wall!

  8. amsterdanin says:

    looks good - gonna visit it next week

    wondering of the wind - in Holland it strong enough to send you straight în bloody hell ))

  9. asan102 says:

    There must be one hell of an anchor buried underneath that thing.

  10. Check in Google Maps Street View...