Soviet Lunar Program

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  1. silpol says:

    "the future" tag on this post

  2. netsharc says:

    I find it fascinating (although obvious) that they have to develop standards for docking parts made in different countries: Androgynous Peripheral Attach System.

    "Uhh, Captain, we can't dock on that base."
    "Why not?"
    "They have an incompatible connector, and we left our adaptor at home!"

  3. merovingian says:

    This gigantic robot kills!

  4. spoonyfork says:

    ... or steampunk treehouse from Burning Man 2011?

  5. jonabbey says:

    Where's Andy Griffith (Salvage 1)?

    • strspn says:

      I loved that show, but the only part I can remember is when they reformed a third world dictator by tricking him into thinking that an ordinary pen they had given him was a remote controlled bomb that would also detonate if he tried to let go of it.

  6. asan102 says:

    Holy shit is this awesome. Love the soviet "just throw it anywhere" aesthetic.

  7. infrogmation says:

    I remember seeing images of the Soviet LK interior in the '80s (couldn't find any on line in a quick google). The controls looked more like the cab of a steam locomotive than it did NASA's LM. Push buttons? Nah, valve screw knobs.

    And they were going to try to send a guy to the moon in that thing. *shudder*