Secret Button Sequence Bypasses iPhone Security

Well done, Apple. Well done.

The quick method to circumvent an iPhone's passcode-protected lock screen: tap the "Emergency call button," then four pound signs, [then dial] and immediately hit the Lock button. That simple procedure gives a snoop full access to the Phone app on the iPhone, which contains the address book, voicemail and call history.

You can't run other apps, but you can examine the entire address book, and make phone calls to arbitrary numbers. (Clicking on a URL in the address book won't launch Safari either.)

Weirdly, the phone will stay powered up until you initiate a call.


9 Responses:

  1. eaterofhands says:

    You can launch mail and SMS though when you click on "Share Contact". The e-mail/sms that is opened is fully editable.

  2. antifuchs says:

    However, when I try it then unlock with the right combination, the Phone app will be running. Either I'm doing it wrong (not according to the video), or it's specific to the iPhone 4.

    • baconmonkey says:

      it has to be pressed when the red "END" button is on screen. the iphone 4 flashes the red "END" button much longer than the 3gs. this worked easily on iphone 4. the 3gs flashes that red button for much shorter - almost just an instant flash. I couldn't make a 3gs pop open at all.

  3. hairyears says:

    I wonder how this kind of thing is discovered: it's not like the key sequence is intuitive, or likely to fall out of a fortuitous accident.