Secret Button Sequence Bypasses iPhone Security

Well done, Apple. Well done.

The quick method to circumvent an iPhone's passcode-protected lock screen: tap the "Emergency call button," then four pound signs, [then dial] and immediately hit the Lock button. That simple procedure gives a snoop full access to the Phone app on the iPhone, which contains the address book, voicemail and call history.

You can't run other apps, but you can examine the entire address book, and make phone calls to arbitrary numbers. (Clicking on a URL in the address book won't launch Safari either.)

Weirdly, the phone will stay powered up until you initiate a call.


Tony Wilson's tombstone, by Peter Saville -- only 3 years late!

This appears not to have a FAC number. FAC 501, of course, was the coffin.


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World's Tallest Climbing Wall


Decent fake goatee acquired. But you'd be surprised how hard it is to find a Lyndon Johnson mask.

Ok, or maybe you wouldn't be.

mixtape 095

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 095. It is full of Halloweenisms, as I realized that while I had done two Halloween-oriented audio mixtapes back in 2008, I hadn't done one in video form. This is mostly older stuff, with some repeats from previous mixtapes, but I did make an effort to stay away from the more obvious "classics" of the season.

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My Jello Americans: The Future of Jello Shots

It is a little hard to believe that these are all jello.

I think the dinosaur pancakes guy should get in on this action.

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Wow, do I hate the new Google Image Search.

They've screwed this pooch so completely that I'm starting to wonder whether other search engines still actually exist. Turns out those are hard to Google for.


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If it had said "Recoil DJ Set", I'd have known not to spend $25.

Nice to see that Apple is still the Official Laptop of Faking Your Entire Show, though.
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The Hundred in the Hands

(Most of set missed due to Recoil fakery, grr.)

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