If it had said "Recoil DJ Set", I'd have known not to spend $25.

Nice to see that Apple is still the Official Laptop of Faking Your Entire Show, though.
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  1. loftwyr says:

    I can see the advertising now...

    "Only the top DJ's use official Apple products to pretend to DJ a set when just playing a preset list made up 6 months ago."

  2. pavel_lishin says:

    The best part about iTunes DJs is bringing in a remote, and fucking with their set.

    Not that I ever have, or would.

  3. kyronfive says:

    This was a comment expressed by many.

  4. I'm not certain which is more annoying: watching a musician who is clearly pretending "perform," or watching someone who is actually crafting the music in realtime but, because all the interaction is laptop based, ends up looking like they're browsing an RSS feed while grooving out to the audio that happens to be playing.

    That said, I remember the days when electronic music performances involved watching a reel-to-reel on a stage.

    • lovingboth says:

      I remember the days when at least half of Kraftwerk hit things with knitting needles to make the sound, not have them all stand stationary behind laptops.

      Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (as they were then) used to stick their reel-to-reel with the rhythm tracks centre stage and gave it a name.

    • dagbrown says:

      I was delighted when I saw Climie Fisher on Top of the Pops in the 80s and realized that the fancy music program running on the Atari ST hooked up to all the keyboards was, in fact, Starglider.

  5. kespernorth says:

    This was one reason I loved seeing Thomas Dolby live: seeing that if you have the technical chops and are willing to dig seriously into the hardware, you can make a "DJ set" visually interesting. At a show in Seattle a few years ago he showed the audience how he sequences a song (live, by hand) and introduces variations on it. One of the most impressive things I've seen from an electronic musician.

    • dr_gluck_ says:

      DubFX is pretty adept at that as well as seen in this video. Pretty impressive considering every aspect of his sound is based on his own voice (other than guest musicians of course)