Dear Lazyweb, did I break ?

Trying something new on the DNA Lounge top-level page: now the mini-photo-gallery animates. There are 3 sets of 6 pictures, and every few seconds it cycles through them.

Cool, or annoying? Would you have failed to notice if I didn't tell you, because you never spend any time on that page?

More importantly, did I break it in your browser? Does it ever do something that looks stupid? I've tested in Safari, Firefox, Opera and Opera Mobile on Mac, and on iPhone and iPad.

One glitch that I haven't been able to solve is that the images are not always exactly the same height. I have to measure them with percentage widths plus height:auto, and apparently every browser introduces slightly different rounding errors. If anyone has a suggestion of how to fix this (and still have the images resize properly with correct aspect ratios when the window shrinks) let me know.


The DNA Lounge Facebook page has a "DNA Lounge" tab on it that shows our usual green-on-black stuff. That tab is supposed to be selected by default, but some people are telling me that when they go there, the "Wall" tab is still selected by default. Is "Wall" selected by default for you? And does anyone know how to fix this? I've selected the new tab under "Edit Page / Wall Settings / Default Landing Tab", and it's been that way for a week (so it shouldn't be a cache problem).

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  1. I just checked it out on my Android Froyo phone browser; it worked perfectly fine for me and did not crash.

  2. node says:

    The photo gallery works for me on both Firefox 3.6 and Chrome 7 (Linux). I think the interval between cycles is a bit too long.

    I get the DNA Lounge tab on the Facebook page.

    • elfs says:

      Looks fine to me. Really? Too long? I thought they were too short, myself. The interval seems to be right in that area where the motion distracts me from completing whole sentences while I'm trying to read.

      Damn, he's got Fishbone coming up. There's a show I'd like to see.

  3. elusis says:

    FB page opened to the DNA Lounge tab for me.

  4. grahams says:

    Facebook link went to the Wall for me (FF4b6 on a Mac)

  5. pfrank says:

    It looks pretty great for me in the Android browser on a G2.

  6. Works fine, but the pictures don't show up as two rows of three each.
    They show up as:
    image image
    image image

    I'm using current Firefox, WinXP, 1024 monitor, with the window expanded all the way.

    PS: This is Sam. Met at John & Eva's over brunch a few weeks ago, & I was at the McFadden show.

  7. vordark says:

    Getting four rows of 2, 1, 2 and 1 image(s). Using Firefox 3.6 on Fedora 13. My browser window is about 1200px wide and the page seems to want to use only half of it.


  8. dasht says:

    The top row is for "next" shows. Oct Today + N. If I click on that, a big version of the picture is the least interesting result. I want show info.

    The bottom row is for past cool events. It'd be nice if clicking on that gave some new view with a larger version of the pic + the index rather than just the pic with a tiny index link.

    Or not. I dunno what difference either would make.

  9. fantasygoat says:

    My only issue is that it is all left-justified, leaving a sea of black nothingness to the right side.

    All the photos work fine however.

    • jwz says:

      If all the pages weren't left-justified, then the left-side menu wouldn't always be in the same place when you clicked through to other pages that have different widths.

      The reason I constrain max-width is because paragraphs of text are unreadable when they are more than 40 columns wide. People who maximize their windows and read paragraphs as a single line of 200+ characters are crazy people.

      I guess most web sites solve this "problem" by filling up the right side with blinking Viagra ads.

      • fantasygoat says:

        That totally makes sense.

        For the main page only, perhaps you could put some mostly transparent background images in that space - random pictures, the logo. Something non-critical that can be hidden without losing anything on smaller browser windows. That might not jive with the aesthetic you're going for, though - I only suggest it as having something there would balance it out, in my opinion, which is important on the main page of a site.

        Looks perfect on my iphone.

  10. amaranthyne says:

    Since the top row of pics seems to prefix every event name with "next" I now fear you have a series of Abney Park shows.

  11. nelc says:

    FireFox 3.6.10, under OSX 10.6.4, on a 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo iMac: Everything are fine. Both pages look just as you describe, with the DNA Lounge tab just as it should be.

    IPad 16GB Wi-Fi, iOS 3.whateveritis: Also fine.

    And, no, I wouldn't normally look at either page as I'm too far away for them to be hold much interest for me. But they look cool.

  12. ramses0 says:

    Only interaction quirk is that when the mouse is over the area, the pictures still change. This could be considered "icky". onmouseover might be expect to disable all animation or just the row of 3 pictures that the mouse is on.

    Other than that it's nice, pretty subtle. Timing is good.


  13. alvherre says:

    you, sir, are totally awesome.

    The site works perfectly for me as described, under the Chromium browser. The left menu even jumps at the top when the window is too narrow, as I suppose is expected.

  14. g051051 says:

    I just go right to the blog, and don't go to unless I'm browsing the old behind the scenes stuff. If I did go, I'd hate the rotating photo thing, because I hate pretty much any animation on a web page. It's too distracting for my elderly brain.

  15. toastednut says:

    If there should be anything that people don't like on a web page, it's something going away right before you were going to read or nav to it.

    • jmtd says:

      Yes. I've seen this "solved" on some sites by having all the images on a wide ribbon, with only a small "window" of the ribbon visible on the page, and for the ribbon to move a windows-width at a time at the preset interval. If you just missed something, discreet little arrows on the left and right let you rewind or fast-forward the ribbon in the same increments.

      Of course, it doesn't look as pretty as a fade-in. Agree with another poster, pausing the fades when onmouseover is a good idea. I wonder if some kind of overlayed "back" button could fade backwards through the cycle.

  16. zorblek says:

    Looks good with Chrome 7.0.517.24 beta on Windows XP at all resolutions.

    And the Facebook page is fine for me, too.

  17. valacosa says:

    Running Ubuntu 9.04. It looks fine in Firefox 3.6.10.

    For kicks, I also tried it in Midori 0.1.9. Sometimes after the picture change, the text below will shift by one pixel. This does not seem to happen in Firefox.

  18. gleenn says:

    I never would have looked but I think its awesome. To make me just slightly more credible than some random internet guy, I do this for a living. And the heights all look exactly the same on FF3.6.10 on WinXP.