A tiny catapult for throwing pies at bees.

I assume it's all CGI, since it turns into a phone commercial at the end. But -- ha ha, fuck you bee!


Update: Apparently it's not faked. Details here, including recipes.

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13 Responses:

  1. fatherbingo says:

    I'm gonna build me a pie throwin' robot
    That throws never ending PI-ES
    On Jake's ugly FA-ACE
    and he won't know what hit him
    Cause the pies are

    It's never ending pie throwin' time!

  2. taskboy3000 says:

    you win again, internet.

  3. drhoz says:

    *suspicious at the way the flying insects aren't knocked right out of shot*

    • dasht says:

      digital zoom and pan, perhaps

      • dasht says:

        oh... duh.... follow the link. it's explained. mostly.

        "Even with the specialist equipment, the depth of field was literally never more than a few millimetres, meaning that the insects only had to move minutely before going out of focus, or for the pies to miss."

        The specialist equipment is at least expensive high-speed cameras and may or may not (doesn't say) include the motion tracking robots sold by the same company.

  4. kinkyturtle says:

    That's what the insect world hasn't had enough of lately... vaudeville slapstick!

  5. razor_dolly says:

    faked or not faked.
    this is amazing.

    who knew the missing piece in my life
    was a tiny catapult for hurling pies at bees.

  6. auntyglory says:

    I stepped on a bee last week and it stung my toe - that really smarts! I wish I had a pie to throw on that bee's head. Go get'um tiger!!!!! rah rah!!

  7. luserspaz says:

    Is there a Nobel Prize we can give to these people? Do they have a Nobel for Comedy, or Awesomeness or something?

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