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Anna Held-Riding an Ostrich c1905-1917

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10 Responses:

  1. lilmissnever says:

    Need I remind you that I am not at all difficult to shop for?

  2. mandy_moon says:

    I love how how the woman and the ostrich's legs line up so perfectly that at first glance it looks like the woman has the legs of an ostrich.

  3. edlang says:

    Should a lady ride side-saddle on an ostrich?

    • baconmonkey says:

      Can you imagine how unseemly a phallic tentacle-neck would look growing out of the side of a woman's leg?
      Far better, for propriety's sake, that a woman appear to have exaggerated masculine appearance, rather than than of a mutant space monster.

      • nelc says:

        I can only hope that by the time I try to sleep tonight I will have completely forgotten the images you've just put in my head.

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