Skin: A Holocaust detective story.

A Holocaust detective story.

I didn’t put much stock in the possibility that a Dominican spiritualist working out of a basement in Union City, New Jersey, would have much to say about a lampshade that might have been made from human skin in a Nazi concentration camp. But there I was, sitting across from Doña Argentina, a large woman wearing a ceremonial headdress and smoking a pair of cigars, one on either side of her mouth.
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3 Responses:

  1. wikkit42 says:

    Wow. That's fucked up.

    (I do wish I could be more eloquent about it, but... wow, that's fucked up.)

  2. djmermaid says:

    gotta love the "tastefully" out of focus shot.

    so sad. I wonder where the lampshade is now. it has to be somewhere.

  3. strspn says:

    Nazi eugenicist propaganda themes resonate wildly with all sorts of tribalism and racisim, and so they still kill, in modern ghettos and parlors. There are a few scientists who were effective at putting some of those evil ideas to bed; one of them, George Williams, recently died let's hope his ideas remain pervasive much longer than he lived.