mixtape 093

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 093.

Some of these videos don't play, because all extant copies on Youtube are marked "embedding disabled". I even tried re-uploading them, and the fabulously evil content-ID system re-fucked the new copies too. So, the copyright holders would rather you not become familiar with the work of the artists whom they purportedly represent. Oh well.

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6 Responses:

  1. lunaticsx says:

    Before watching that video I would've sworn that the poster frame for it was a still from Liquid Sky.

  2. jered says:

    What I despise (today) about YouTube is how it will show you thumbnails and descriptions in the right suggestions sidebar or search results, but when you click it says "This video has been removed due to a copyright claim by XYZ."

    If you're not going to let me watch, don't show it as a suggestion. Is that so fucking hard, Google? It's like if you did a Google search for something and 2/3s of the listed results just came back with 404s.

    • jered says:

      Oh; what I meant to say was that the Kids of 88 track is fantastic, thanks! Where did you find out about them?

      • jwz says:

        I don't remember where I came across that video, but that's the first I've heard from them so far... they're on my list to investigate.

  3. ultranurd says:

    The posting of #94 reminded me that I hadn't watched #93 yet. Some really interesting visuals this time around... I liked the Brambilla-produced videos/art pieces near the end that seemed more like moving paintings. Is the music for the last one (Civilization) a bit of "Rite of Spring"? Or just something that sounds like it?