Katy Perry's Illuminati, MK-Ultra Commercial

The Vigilant Citizen is one of the world's finest blogs.

This commercial intended for German television has it all: checkerboard patterns everywhere, transhumanism, deshumanization, mind control, alter-personalities, Marilyn Monroe (the original Monarch sex kitten), the colors white, black and red, etc.

"We love to entertain you". In other words, this is the kind the stuff that is supposed to entertain you.

Oh, it does. It does.

Scene missing! A video in this post has disappeared. If you know of an accessible version of this video, please mail me so that I can update this post.
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23 Responses:

  1. mcity says:

    Gorgeous, overdone makeup, even more gorgeous, overdone hair, fancy clothing, ironic self-objectificaion, and a general air of surreality?

    This is about a half-dozen gay guys short of being a Lady Gaga video.

  2. elfs says:

    Vigilant Citizen is awe-inspiring! Thank you for turning me onto this amazing website! The Katy Perry video just doesn't do them justice: you must follow on with their analysis of the Russian pop song, "Mikkie," which is disassembled into a tale of cultural desensitization and the popularization of mind control: Mind Control Symbolism in Russian Pop: Vintage's "Mikkie":

    The video is full of robots, miniaturization, mutants, furries, and Tron references:

    • jwz says:

      Yes, in addition to the surprisingly well-written conspiracy batshittery, I have also discovered many fine music videos there!

      • elfs says:

        I really can't help but wonder if we're looking at an example of Poe's Law, used especially well for commercial effect.

    • gryazi says:

      Victor Pelevin's stuff pretty much demonstrates a former-Bloc fascination with the whole issues of advertising and 'mind control' (I guess the idea of Personal Propaganda is as novel as the Personal Computer was; both allow you to choose your fiction from many sources/on your own terms). They also have the hindsight of watching the state and private sector fuck things up differently-but-equally across the global span of history.

      Eventually I figured out that communication is a form of mind control and got over the idea that it could be interesting to think deeply about it. The real issue is how trust networks are formed (and, where important, whether they stand on anything more substantial than Wikiality).

      Now that I RTFA, these kids have found a verbose way of observing that:

      1. Being 'given' some sort of purpose in life without having to figure out all this shit for yourself; and
      2. Becoming a hero for being an iconoclast

      are both common fantasies for that age bracket, and commenting on the relative merits of both (and which institutions deserve trust or distrust) is always an 'artsy' thing to do.

      So basically, youth culture killed their dog, and they're communicating that they don't think it's fair. Maybe some people do find nonverbal communication spoooky, but it's just another system and ceremony, like kabuki, writing, and not-pissing-on-the-third-rail.

      • fnivramd says:

        "communication is a form of mind control"

        I always think human communication resembles the networking in the BBC micro. The core primitive seemed to be remote DMA. So long as everybody co-operates this is a cheap and cheerful way to communicate - but of course if you want to do evil you can remotely scribble over someone's executing program, instantly seizing control of their machine.

        Putting ideas into people's heads changes how they behave, just like a BBC micro getting its RAM overwritten.

        • gryazi says:

          Hey, you found an even nerdier way to put it.

          That's... literally how it works, on a certain level - and we specifically have 'mirror neurons' and all that related meat so we can 'experience' what others are communicating rather than just being walking encyclopedias who get eaten by tigers. But it's more like a cache attack where you just keep blowing out the working set until the probability approaches unity that it holds what you want.

          'Changing the program' involves injecting shellcode, which is why teaching is hard and 'just following orders' is not supposed to be an excuse. (FORGOT TO UPDATE YOUR ANTIVIRUS, SOLDIER?)

  3. bytehead says:

    I think Devo wants their hats back.

  4. korgmeister says:

    I wonder how Vigil feels about the fact that most of his "fandom" considers him to be an entertaining loony?

    • revglenn says:

      ah but see therein lies his brilliance!
      he surely knows how he looks to the outside world. fortunately with his knowledge of symbolism and the subliminal he is able to turn the same tricks against us. he shows the videos and the pictures and has us STARING at them very intently while digesting his message. plus he probably throws a few of his own tricks into his web design and wording. so while we point and laugh we are getting the full force of the very mind control techniques we are being warned of, but with HIS messages at the helm! we keep going to his site unaware that while we think we are simply being entertained, we are becoming HIS Illuminati slaves, or dare i say, HIS VIGILANT CITIZENS!

  5. I admit, Vigilant Citizen's amazing skill at seeing a seedy illuminati underbelly in anything that has ever been a popular motif is truly fantastic.

  6. anktastic says:

    The Illuminati, according to insane people:

    1. Create a secret order to rule the world.
    2. Get control of the world.
    3. ?
    4. Add random references to yourself in pop cultural phenomena, references that only insane people can see or care about.

    Yeah, right.