This is no simple jigsaw-puzzle fail. No amount of rotation of swapping of tiles fixes this, so how did it happen? Actually I'm not sure the font size is the same, either.

Hey, you can see it on Street View too!


10 Responses:

  1. latemodel says:

    Seriously? Those aren't put down as tiles. Sidewalks are cast in place, so this means that you're seeing the result of three different pours. Each time, they cast a full word in place, which was subsequently broken up. ICK ST was the oldest, FREDERIC cast after that, and ///// DEL MAR most recently.

    • scullin says:

      And they're probably going to have to do it again, because that doesn't look like a compliant curb cutout.

      • pdx6 says:

        The new ADA ramps cut both sides of the corner and add friction material, so yes, it will be redone correctly when the city comes back through that street. If you call 311 and complain about wheel chair access they will bump that corner up on their repair list.

    • phoenixredux says:

      I very much doubt seriousness in this case. But JWZ is always so deadpan, it can be hard to detect the humor particles streaming off of his posts sometimes.

  2. mooflyfoof says:

    I'm guessing at least some of that was from when ADA went through and the city added the curb cut.

  3. notthebuddha says:

    historical subduction zone, possibly the one that exiled Norton I

  4. t0rque says:

    Seriously, what posessed you to go to look on Street View to see if it was there?