Barbie eyes

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  1. phreddiva says:

    You know how I was telling you that I was up to compete in the world living statue competition in the Netherlands in lieu of going to Burning Man, but that my circus troupe sent in the application too late? This was their previous entrant who, with Gigi, the makeup artist, took first place at that competition.


    Annnd... this is what they did to me:

  2. gryazi says:

    ...keep tagging everything with 'furries' just to get our hopes up, don't you?

    Also: Furries.

    P.S.: It really is a scent thing.

    • jwz says:

      It should be obvious by now, but like the "mpegs" tag includes anim-gifs, the "furries" tag includes all cosplay perversions.

  3. lloydwood says:

    How long have you been a fan of Lady Gaga?

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