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This keeps getting takedowns, so who knows how long this copy will last...

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Gene-therapy eyedrops to prevent myopia


They found a number of variations around the RASGRF1 gene, which is associated with eye growth, seemed to be strongly associated with myopia - either preventing it or protecting against it.

"It is not quite the end of glasses yet but clearly the hope is that we will be able to block the genetic pathways that causes shortsightedness," said Dr Christopher Hammond at King's College London, an eye surgeon who led the research. "It will probably take the form of a tablet or eye drops but it is going to be a challenge and at least 10 years before there is a treatment."

Every article about this seems to feel the need to talk about fashion, and "famous people who wear glasses". Die in a fire, "science" writers.

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Visual Transistor-level Simulation of the 6502 - in Javascript.

This my jaw on the floor.

In the summer of 2009, working from a single 6502, we exposed the silicon die, photographed its surface at high resolution and also photographed its substrate. Using these two highly detailed aligned photographs, we created vector polygon models of each of the chip's physical components - about 20,000 of them in total for the 6502. These components form circuits in a few simple ways according to how they contact each other, so by intersecting our polygons, we were able to create a complete digital model and transistor-level simulation of the chip.

This model is very accurate and can run classic 6502 programs, including Atari games. By rendering our polygons with colors corresponding to their 'high' or 'low' logic state, we can show, visually, exactly how the chip operates: how it reads data and instructions from memory, how its registers and internal busses operate, and how toggling a single input pin (the 'clock') on and off drives the entire chip to step through a program and get things done.

You can see this operation right now in your browser (except for Internet Explorer) with our interactive JavaScript simulation. We suggest a fast computer and lots of memory for this version.

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