Shows I am slightly annoyed to not be attending:

  • Gary Numan at the Fillmore. He puts on a decent show, but tickets are $40 before whatever extortion the TicketBastards tack onto that (and don't tell you about until checkout). Plus, the Fillmore is pretty much my least favorite venue in town. I can't pay that much without feeling like a mark. And apparently I have no guest-list pull there these days.

  • Laurie Anderson at Yoshi's. Normally I'd watch her read the phone book, but it's $58, plus another $10 if you want a reserved seat instead of showing up two hours early! If that wasn't irritating enough, the real insult-to-injury factor here, of course, is that Yoshi's only still exists because the City of SF gave them $7.5 million to prop up their failing business not too long ago. I feel like I've already been charged for this show.


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