Who doesn't, really

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  1. elfs says:

    Clearly a hoax. The ad text in the lower right gives it away: this is an attention-getting billboard for the outdoor advertising company.

    • I'm fairly certain you're supposed to catch on that it isn't actually three overlaid signs that were torn just so by random happenstance or vandalism, otherwise it wouldn't work as an ad. Are we to think less of the humor of it merely because the ad company planned it?

  2. inoah says:

    Mad Magazine did a bunch of these back in the 60s and 70s.

  3. blech says:

    In case you care, I remember seeing two posters from the same campaign on the Prague metro recently, so that's almost certainly where this is from as well. Unfortunately I didn't bother taking photos of them, and this is probably one of the funnier ones.

  4. dmlaenker says:

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  5. caprine says: