What different sorting algorithms sound like

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  1. enochsmiles says:

    Wow. Bubble sort just gave me a seizure.

  2. poitoi says:

    Soo am I the only one who liked those then?? I want to sample them....

  3. Now I want to get a sound sample, slice it up and perform temporal sorts on it.

  4. spike says:

    It makes sense that the more efficient sort algorithms don't have as much of 'rhythm' to them as bubble sort. Redundant work = repeated steps = rhythmic sound.

    Interesting and cool; thanks for sharing.

  5. taskboy3000 says:

    I wish my teacher had shown me these videos when I was intro to algorithms class.

  6. oshepherd says:

    Well, probably not as educational as Sortvis ( http://sortvis.org/ ), but definitely more entetaining

  7. ultranurd says:

    I think I liked the sound of selection sort the best... something about the occasional high tones made it sound more musical.

  8. pyrop says:

    Sounds like the noises that the tanks in the original Scorched Earth made when they exploded.