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  1. jwz says:

    Well, that was with iOS 4.0.2 running on a 3gs, which now has a software zoom feature in the camera app. I think it might actually looks somewhat crappier than using PS Mobile to crop afterward.

    Great show though.

    • injector says:

      More than likely. The software zoom has to be able to be applied in real time so you can get on to taking the next photo. Where as PS Mobile can apply a better interpolation routine and be in no big hurry.

    • jabberwokky says:

      It does have an oil painting filter effect in that lighting.

      I need to give a listen to what they are doing these days. I rather liked their early stuff. No, I'm not claiming status by saying "I liked them back before they were big"... they were pretty popular by the time I listened to them in the "Thanks for the Ether" era. I'm merely ignorant of what they have done this decade.

      Glad to see they are touring.