Arria the Metal Mermaid

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Dali Clock 2.35

Dali Clock 2.35 is out now, and in the app store.

It now takes advantage of the iPhone 4's higher resolution screen. I also fixed some rotation glitches on the iPad, and the font-images have been regenerated on all platforms to remove some animation artifacts that probably nobody but me has ever noticed.

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iPhone SMS logs moved

They changed the file names. If you've been using my script from cron, it hasn't been working since you upgraded your phone to iOS 4.x. Get the new version. (Update: Actually, maybe the file names changed with a recent version of iTunes, not the phone's OS. Not sure which. Same result.)


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Casting Call: One-legged woman who wants machine gun replacement

Eyeborg Project - CASTING CALL: "One-legged woman who wants machine gun replacement" wanted...

I am close to getting film funding for my Eyeborg doc and one of the documentary subjects I need on board is some one, like me, who wants to Pimp Their Gimp.

(1) You can be from anywhere but preferably close to Toronto where I am from. If you truly kick ass though it doesnʼt matter. I will find a way.

(2) We are going to help build you a paint ball machine gun leg and video document the process.

(3) When it"s all over you are going to take out dozens of dudes in a paintball gun match shot Robert Rodriguez style.

(4) Your missing leg should be machine gun appropriate.

(I know I have an appropriate "previously" for this but I can't find it...)

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Scott Pilgrim vs. The Matrix

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Girl in a Coma

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dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein we learn How Not to Run a Club.

Retrocomputing: Clay Tablets.

Literary Magazine to Print on Dead Media -- Clay Tablets

Faced with steep printing costs and the bulk of their readership downloading the online PDF of the magazine, the editors of Space Squid made the decision to return to clay tablets. Space Squid communications editor Matthew Bey says, “Given the choice between printing 2000 paper copies that won’t last ten years, or thirty copies that can last six thousand years, it’s an easy choice to make.”

The clay tablets are unfired as was common practice in Sumeria. Like their historical antecedents they are dried in the sun, giving them a startling durability. “Practically speaking, these tablets could last until the end of the world itself,” says Chang. “Unless someone drops them.”

The Space Squid clay tablet is the first major cultural application of clay tablets since the collapse of Egyptian colonialism in the first century A.D. The tablets are printed using a unique technology that allows multiple impressions of the same text, despite recording on a medium that pre-dates Gutenberg by thousands of years.

Says Bey, “If the Sumerians had been as clever as Space Squid and developed a similar clay-printing technology, they would have sparked the enlightenment era a thousand years before the birth of Christ.”

The clay tablet issue contains most of the content familiar to readers of the paper version of Space Squid. Side one has a seal-imprint with the image of a squid and the name “Space Squid” in phonetic cuneiform. The rest of the front-face features a short story by Kevin Brown titled “Hunting Bigfoot,” hand-lettered in the English alphabet using a wedged stylus in the same manner as the Sumerian scribes. The back side contains an off-color joke and advertisements for the Drabblecast podcast, the movie Bikini Bloodbath, illustrator David Johnston, Krakatoa Shirts, and a live performance of the graphic novel Intergalactic Nemesis.

Video. Photos.

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dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein the Infoline Robot gets an upgrade.

"Making a note here: huge ambient success."

Still Alive from Portal, slowed down 800%

Sigur Ros, sped up 300%.

(And the less funny one that is also making the rounds, posted only so that 30 of you don't post it as a comment.)

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