Go see it immediately!

Also, Inception sucked.

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  1. mooflyfoof says:

    Haven't seen Scott Pilgrim yet, but I agree about Inception. I didn't understand the hype.

  2. antabakalj says:

    The opening scene with the Universal logo sold it to me.
    And it just got better afterwards.

  3. knowbuddy says:

    Scott Pilgrim made me feel like I must have had a completely awesome childhood, to have inspired that film. Granted, I don't remember childhood being nearly that awesome, but surely it must have been.

    Should you decide you want it for a ringtone, the score for the film has the 8-bit version of the Universal stinger.

  4. jcfiala says:

    Totally agree on the Scott Pilgrim movie. I could not believe the battle with the twins.

    That said, I'm fond of Inception, but I have a weakness for heist films. And films that name character Ariadne. :)

    Well, and Michael Caine. :)

  5. wikkit42 says:

    And it's largely flopping, because apparently no one likes Cera any more. I thought it was fantastic, I'm tempted to go again tonight.

    • I would offer that there's just Too Much Cera playing the same character. And I loved this movie.

      Perhaps they could have gone with his personality doppelganger, Jesse Eisenberg.

      • I went through all of Zombieland thinking Jesse Eisenberg *was* Michael Cera.

        And yes, Cera needs to play a different character sometime soon.

        • wikkit42 says:

          After seeing a trailer for Zombieland, I spent a frustrated few minutes trying to find it in Cera's IMdB profile when I couldn't remember the name of the movie. I think I also texted a big Arrested Development fan about the new zombie movie with Michael Cera in it...

          I did go again tonight.

      • wikkit42 says:

        I have previously suggested that there be a movie in which they try to out be embarrassed each other.

        I'm thinking the main plot involves cute girls, but the ending would pretty much have to be slash.

      • tommusic says:

        I'm looking forward to Eisenberg as Zuckerberg. Should be a fun change of pace from (Zombie/Adventure)land.

  6. sivart13 says:

    As far as opinions go, I disagree.

  7. xoruglm says:

    I am sorry that I enjoyed the movie that you did not enjoy. Perhaps I am mistaken in my enjoyment and am only imagining that I liked it as much as I did, and will later come to agree with your opinion.

    In the meantime, I suppose I will have to find ways to make myself immune to this "hype" that people speak of. It is clearly a dangerous infectious disease that must be stopped.

  8. pozorvlak says:

    I really liked Inception. Does this mean that I'll hate Scott Pilgrim?

  9. eXistenZ. If you want a decent Inception. It has Jennifer Jason Leigh too, how can you go wrong?

  10. mcity says:

    Of course you realize, this means war.

  11. xunker says:

    The problem with 'Inception' is that the the characters of Woody and Buzz Lightyear aren't believable.

  12. fantasygoat says:

    When I saw it, the biggest laugh from the audience was the use of the Seinfeld music, by far.

    So much for it only being for "under 30's".

    In addition to being a native of Toronto and having enjoyed the books over the years, quite a few of my rock posters are visible in the background of the Envy backstage scene and in the record store as well, so naturally I am obligated by hipster law to love this film.

  13. kevinspencer says:

    I think I might have slightly more fun punching myself in the face than watch Michael Cera play "that role" one more fucking time. Having said that, I've heard good things about Scott Pilgrim. Hmmm, quite the dilemma then.