Lady Clankington's Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities

Little Death Ray: "Lady Clankington is proud to present the first ever line of steampunk adult novelty items."

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  1. blacklion says:

    I like second tag :)

  2. 575757 says:


  3. dr_wrebagzhoe says:

    I wouldn't mind seeing her on a steam-powered Sybian.

  4. krowface says:

    this is where steampunk jumped the ship.

    also, here's her blog:

    • dasht says:

      See, I was going to say something about how steampunk and similar have become the "Sharper Image" of our time but there you went and god-donn beat.

      p.s.: speaking of shark-jumping. You know, LJ just ordered me to sit through 40 seconds of it promising to make me watch an ad before I could post, only to serve up pure dead air. New meme: the internet is now, officially, the new tv (only worse).

      • injector says:

        It's actually a steam powered ship in the shape of a shark.

        • scullin says:

          See, steampunk can't jump the shark any more than renn fayres or furries can jump the shark. They were all conceived with a shark well in the rear view mirror.

    • youngwilliam says:

      And a model named "Nicotine" is the one in the shots:

      • ErikB says:

        I'm pretty sure she posed under the name Nicotine for At least, that's what I hear from someone I know who goes to such places on the Internet...

        • youngwilliam says:

          Yep! She typically goes by Nicotine, but resorts to Nicotine Desire when the first one is already taken.

          Eh... or so I've heard.

    • kumimonster says:

      that's not her blog.
      tho the model has shot for too
      look under nicotine.

      • krowface says:

        oh hey you might be right.

        i'll have to do research. for SCIENCE of course.

        • kumimonster says:

          oh i know the girl so i know i'm right.
          but i suggest you not trust me and do plenty of research rather than believe a total stranger - for science, of course!

  5. giles says:

    That fax machine is nothing but a waffle iron with a phone attached!

  6. mc_kingfish says:

    I want to knock goggles with her.

    • luserspaz says:

      Good, because I'm pretty sure you're legally obligated to wear goggles while using these things.

    • rmjwell says:

      If all goes according to plan, you'll get to see one of these puppies at the October show.

  7. taskboy3000 says:

    My heartfelt congratulations to Lady Clankington and her divers curiosities and this most epic of wins.