dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein an alcohol tax looms, and we make the ceiling soft.
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8 Responses:

  1. pmb7777 says:

    How much did it cost to rent the lift?

  2. boldra says:

    When I was in Camden Lock Markets in May it started raining maggots. Presumably a rat had crawled into the upholstered ceiling and died. It ruined my apetite, and set off my formication for weeks.

  3. supersat says:

    Sadly, in Washington, the closing time is up to the state and not the city.

  4. fantasygoat says:

    Here in Ontario, all liquor sales are controlled by the provincial government - both retail and wholesale. As part of that, retail and bars pay the same price.

    How'd you like to have to pay retail prices for liquor and beer? That's why a pint here is $4.

  5. so did you happen to find any tortillas up there?

  6. waider says:

    The UK has recently announced a review of the 24-hour drinking law introduced not too long back because

    promised benefits of a "cafe culture" had failed to materialise.

    However, it's entirely possible that this is simply a Conservative Party government looking to roll back something that their predecessors did, or perhaps a Politician using their Political Common Sense rather than actual research and figures to come to a conclusion.