Dali Clock 2.35

Dali Clock 2.35 is out now, and in the app store.

It now takes advantage of the iPhone 4's higher resolution screen. I also fixed some rotation glitches on the iPad, and the font-images have been regenerated on all platforms to remove some animation artifacts that probably nobody but me has ever noticed.

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  1. gryazi says:

    Woefully off-topic, but recovering a long-crashed Firefox session reminds me to wonder if you ever settled on a platform for the e-poster project.

    Apparently we're all either hardware nerds or just BoingBoing readers who go KAWAII at the sight of an iPad zip-tied to anything.

    It is only when I scroll down that I discover the captcha is "dirding TABLETS."

    • jwz says:

      Basically, no.

      • gryazi says:

        Suggestion to use something like HP t5000s (eBay lot of 10 $500) or a less-annoying equivalent (Maxterm 8300B?, 10 for $260 ... scraping Google for "ITX thin client" would turn up other options) still stands, although may require USB wireless dongles (looks like some of the HPs had built-in) and booting from USB stick or network. At least then, when you roll your own mplayer+rsync distro, you can plonk the same USB stick or netboot image into the next iteration of $30 x86 hardware with DVI out. (I guess VGA-only is the joykill right now and makes fighting with Rokus instead look attractive.)

        Maxterm guts here, although I don't own one, so double-check me on the model numbers. The graphics in those is apparently a "Trident CyberBlade i1" and might top out at 1280x1024. I guess the more-tightly-integrated HPs have something like a SiS 741GX that has the same limitation. So maybe that still sucks, but I went through the trouble of assembling all this information 'just in case.'

        The trick would still be to get these donated from someone at some megacorp that upgraded and considers them junk. Then they'd be worth the minor amount of easily-sourced-USB-peripheral fucking-with it would take, and the price would be right.

        Meanwhile, whole surplus 45W Sempron desktops with the possibility of DVI out and modern-enough chipsets (690G/nVidia equivalent and precursors) will have fallen to that price within 6 months if they aren't already falling off the backs of trucks. [This will probably coincide with some Chinese-MIPS media player becoming the WRT54G of stupid-video-tricks like this, but guess which implementation will cause less pain when you need to replace hardware?]

        I shouldn't even push post on this, since those oldschool GPU limitations appear to make it woefully unhelpful.

  2. djverablue says:

    downloading now.