Crystal Castles

So I went to a show with some friends, and the show they wanted to watch looked like this:

But that wasn't working for me so I jostled my way down to where the show looked like this:

And that was much better.

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5 Responses:

  1. jwm says:

    Hell yeah!

    Shame there's a lot less of the girl shouting through a bull horn in the back of a video arcade sort of sound on the new album.

  2. mattbot says:

    You touched people. Ew.

  3. heresiarch says:

    yay crystal castles! sad to have missed the show. will be back in SF soon, though!

  4. stannate says:

    Did Alice get drunk and punch someone in the audience? I'll guess "yes" on the first part, but you'll have to answer the second part.