Casting Call: One-legged woman who wants machine gun replacement

Eyeborg Project - CASTING CALL: "One-legged woman who wants machine gun replacement" wanted...

I am close to getting film funding for my Eyeborg doc and one of the documentary subjects I need on board is some one, like me, who wants to Pimp Their Gimp.

(1) You can be from anywhere but preferably close to Toronto where I am from. If you truly kick ass though it doesnʼt matter. I will find a way.

(2) We are going to help build you a paint ball machine gun leg and video document the process.

(3) When it"s all over you are going to take out dozens of dudes in a paintball gun match shot Robert Rodriguez style.

(4) Your missing leg should be machine gun appropriate.

(I know I have an appropriate "previously" for this but I can't find it...)

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3 Responses:

  1. dr_memory says:

    The best part is: I totally know someone who's an appropriate candidate.

  2. caprine says:

    This is...quite possibly...the most awesome thing on the internets today.