dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein the wave of Starbucks-related shootings continues.

Epic wig

I don't know what terrible anime this is from,
but that is some impressive hair engineering.


Making of the Numan battery commercial

Gary Numan plays "Cars" with cars

We realized that 1/0 welding cable, carrying thousands of joules from the battery to the cars, was running alongside unshielded CAT5-USB cable. EM coupling between the two not only fouled the signal, but had already burned out a USB port on Gradman's laptop. Gradman solved this by connecting the relay boards to an additional laptop behind the cars. He connected the laptops via Ethernet---which is less susceptible to interference---and frantically rewrote his software lying on his belly on the desert playa.
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Hardware Dali Clock!

Phillip and Limor of Adafruit and MAKE were kind enough to send me one of their Monochron clock kits, because they ported Dali Clock to it! I just finished building it, so now I have a hardware Dali Clock. It is sweet.

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