DNA Lounge: Wherein the wave of Starbucks-related shootings continues.

Like one of my friends said, "Dear journalists -- there is a club on every other block in this city. If someone is shot on the same block, they are not shot at the club on that block, nor does that club's name need to be in your article. Thanks."

But hey, San Francisco Chronicle, thanks so much for saying "near a San Francisco nightclub" in the first sentence, and then waiting until the third paragraph before bothering to mention that "The shooting happened near the Ruby Skye nightclub, but police say it was unrelated to the club because it was closed that night."

Whoever you are, anonymous author of that article, you are an incompetent ass.

I, for one, am sick and tired of all these people getting shot near convenience stores, banks and churches. When are the police going to shut down those problem churches so we can all be safe again?


Epic wig

I don't know what terrible anime this is from,
but that is some impressive hair engineering.


Making of the Numan battery commercial

Gary Numan plays "Cars" with cars

We realized that 1/0 welding cable, carrying thousands of joules from the battery to the cars, was running alongside unshielded CAT5-USB cable. EM coupling between the two not only fouled the signal, but had already burned out a USB port on Gradman's laptop. Gradman solved this by connecting the relay boards to an additional laptop behind the cars. He connected the laptops via Ethernet---which is less susceptible to interference---and frantically rewrote his software lying on his belly on the desert playa.
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Hardware Dali Clock!

Phillip and Limor of Adafruit and MAKE were kind enough to send me one of their Monochron clock kits, because they ported Dali Clock to it! I just finished building it, so now I have a hardware Dali Clock. It is sweet.

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