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Please enjoy jwz mixtape 092.

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Suren Manvelyan


A Secret Wish 25 Years On

Celebrating 25 years since its release, Propaganda’s A Secret Wish has just been reissued with a bonus disc of rarities. Wyndham Wallace confronts their Sturm und Drang.

There were three acts on ZTT at that time: Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Art Of Noise – Morley and Horn's innovative collaboration with arranger Anne Dudley and studio engineers Gary Langan and J. J. Jeczalik – and Propaganda. If Frankie were the garish cartoon gang and Art of Noise the bespectacled nerds in the science lab, then Propaganda were their fearsome, gothic nemesis. And if Frankie's Pleasuredome was the twin-towered palace that ZTT built and Art of Noise's Who's Afraid Of The Art Of Noise was the air in which they built it, then Propaganda's A Secret Wish was its velvet-lined dungeon, dangerous and erotic.

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