"The rather sinister appearance of the hand suggests the wearer may have disguised it with a glove."

Presumably we'd have seen this on the third season of the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Artificial right arm, Europe, 1850-1910

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Who doesn't, really

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Homebrew Cray-1A: Computational Necromancy

This is fantastic:

As part two (see previous attempt) of my ongoing series in `computational necromancy,' I've spent the last year and a half or so constructing my own 1/10-scale, binary-compatible, cycle-accurate Cray-1. [...] The Cray-1 is one of those iconic machines that just makes you say "Now that's a super computer!" Sure, your iPhone is 10X faster, and it's completely useless to own one, but admit it . . you really want one, don't you? [...]

When I started building this, I thought “Oh, I’ll just swing by the ol’ Internet and find some groovy 70’s-era software to run on it.” It turns out I was wrong. One of the sad things about pre-internet machines (especially ones that were primarily purchased by 3-letter Government agencies) is that practically no software exists for them.

After searching the internet exhaustively, I contacted the Computer History Museum and they didn’t have any either. They also informed me that apparently SGI destroyed Cray’s old software archives before spinning them off again in the late 90’s. I filed a couple of FOIA requests with scary government agencies that also came up dry.

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Lady Clankington's Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities

Little Death Ray: "Lady Clankington is proud to present the first ever line of steampunk adult novelty items."

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You Nexus, huh? I bedazzle your eyes.

Previously, previously.

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Francesco Francavilla

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Nozomu Shibata

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Odani Motohiko

I'll bet that's hard to dust.

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I like your helmets.

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