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Face-centered Cubic Voroni Constructions

George Hart makes many neat things.

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9 Responses:

  1. feren says:

    I rather like in the first picture how the two little ones in the bottom left of the frame look like the Cyberdyne/Skynet logo.

  2. wyndebreaker says:

    I have a rapid prototyper in my department and an SEM.

    A skull implant made on the protyper that looks like an Eggo waffle.

    Kind of sloppy because you can see the individual layers.

    A bone implant for a rat femur, shaped like a Manger Sponge.

  3. mcfnord says:

    must be candy tho

    my internet company employs 2 indians in 90 minute shifts to fill in CAPCHAs

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