Series of Tubes, Wrath of Poseidon edition.

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8 Responses:

  1. skreidle says:

    Y'got a bit of a leak right thar. Ayup.

    (Captcha: for trout. Indeed!)

  2. baconmonkey says:

    John went and touched a manhole cover, didn't he?

  3. misterjoel says:

    Where's the Mighty Agrippa when you need him?

  4. ywwg says:

    everything about this post screams "san francisco", from the mere existence of a flickr video warning other people to avoid a water main break, to the comments swooning over the bike messenger and trying to figure out what bag he's wearing. It's almost over the top... I'm just waiting for Cory Doctorow to chime in about how the videographer was lucky that the police didn't try to stop him from filming a public street.

  5. fo0bar says:

    Quick, fill the tube with junk! Spread gelatin powder around it to disperse it!

  6. pdx6 says:

    Where ever there is a fiberwater line, there's a backhoe to cut it in two.

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