Panopticon Barbie

The new All-Seeing-Eye Barbie records 30 minutes of video.

"Because the doll can be posed, she doubles as a pretty good tripod."

This is so much better than the eye in the Six Million Dollar Man doll was.


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8 Responses:

  1. pavel_lishin says:

    Plus now, barbie can have an awesome zombie costume.

    (Captcha: "Gauss was", and now I'm really curious how the story ends.)

  2. giantlaser says:

    This has excellent possibilities for expose-style journalism. Who would suspect the toddler-in-tow, just playing with her dolls?

  3. jope says:

    Unfortunately, she will spend all available time in front of the mirror cam-whoring.

  4. cryllius says:

    My personal favorite is the fact that the "x-ray" image is this with the colors inverted: