big digital picture frames?

Dear Lazyweb, seeking very large digital picture frames. Suggestions?

What I'm looking for:

  • At least 21", 1024x768 or better resolution;
  • Able to play an MPEG on a loop;
  • Ideally, able to get that file from wifi rather than a card.

I want to get a few of these to hang in the club to replace the big messy mess of posters of our upcoming events that are currently taped all over the walls. (Really, this conversation started with me wanting to put up some actual picture frames into which the posters would go, but picture frames are surprisingly expensive.)

I am aware that actual objects marketed as "digital picture frames" aren't what I'm looking for, because when those are bigger than 11" they are priced the same as low-end HDTVs. So really what I'm looking for is a cheap HDTV with the ability to play MPEGs.

I'd really like it to load data over wifi so that I don't have to pay an employee to walk around and unplug, re-fill, and re-plug half a dozen memory cards every few days. That would be a pain in the ass, and cards would get lost or skipped.

A few folks have suggested getting one of those solid-state "linux plug" boxes to drive the monitors with, but I haven't seen any of those that have both wifi and video output that are less than $300 each. Low-end HDTVs are in the $250 range, so that more than doubles the price, which is ridiculous.

Update: Jesus, people, please just answer the question I asked instead of hypothesizing about crazy multi-thousand-dollar Rube Goldberg schemes. If you don't know the answer to my question, I will not think less of you for your silence.

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mixtape 091

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 091.

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"More MacGyvering. Less being a pussy."

Sledgehammer and Whore
ME: But...I've got a glass here with his fingerprints on it! He left a shirt! It's wet! Full of DNA! There's a muddy footprint! Don't you want to take a cast?

COP: We're good, sir. Nothing's been taken. No property damage. We'll pass it along to the detectives but...I don't even know what we'd charge...

ME: Breaking and entering? Unlawful sex and non-remuneration of a prostitute?

COP: Sir.

ME: Well, are you going to send a forensic computer expert out to go through my computer? See what he was poking around in? See if he's stolen my identity for real?

COP: Nah. You can go on your computer. It's fine.

ME: Really.

COP: Really.

NETWORK NOTES: Well that just seems like lazy writing.

ME: But that's what happened.

NETWORK NOTES: It's not satisfying. The amateur sleuth's gotta go on the computer, use his own sleuthing skills, figure out the perp. You know. MacGyver it. We need more of that. More MacGyvering. Less being a pussy.


Cry havoc and let slip the mice of war.

Tobias Slater

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So, this is bad, right?

Dear Lazyweb,

My iMac (2008 24" 3.06 Core 2 Duo) has been making a lot more (which is to say, "any") fan noise for the last few days. Resetting NVRAM and SMU didn't change it. Vents are clean, room is cool, load is 0.17.

    25°C Ambient Air
    39°C CPU A Heatsink
    44°C CPU A Temperature Diode
    46°C Graphics Processor Chip 1
    44°C Graphics Processor Heatsink 1
    98°C Graphics Processor Temperature Diode
    58°C Hard Drive Bay 1
    43°C Memory Controller
    50°C Optical Drive
    41°C Power Supply Position 1
    59°C SMART Disk Hitachi HDS722020ALA330 (JK1130YAH94N1T)
    37°C Wireless Module
So, that's bad, right?
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Stripmall Architecture

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Silver Swans

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Foreign Cinema

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dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein photos are presented.

"Apple Stargate Chamber"!

This just in, Jobs is still a douche, but this is pretty cool looking:


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