Normally I'd advocate cockpunches for anyone who said, "We brought social media experts right into the creative process"...

...but in this case, @oldspice brought The Funny.

How the Old Spice Videos Are Being Made

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4 Responses:

    • lionsphil says:

      Yeah, it's impressive that they knew better than to just force in as many memes as possible.

      And have apparently brought it to a halt before the joke gets overstretched.

  1. dk says:

    i also wanted to not like this, but i couldn't help myself.

  2. carbonunit says:

    Agreed. The thing I hate about most attempts at "viral" advertising is, they are so lazy. It's obvious that the perpetrators think it's just a way to save money. They're all like "Hey losers! Why don't you go out and spray stencil our logo all over your city? that would be fun wouldn't it? Or we'll give you a shitty prize for the best comment on a message board mentioning our product, honest!" The only other decent effort I can remember was that Burger Kind compliant chicken thing years ago.