"Dear apple, what the dock?"

netik got an iPhone 4, and after the $200 "upgrade" became $360 after tax and extended warranty, he decided that paying another $40 for yet another dock was an insult too far, and decided to dremel his old dock to fit the new phone. Spoiler alert: that doesn't work, because the iPhone 4 software recognizes the old dock hardware and refuses to talk to it!

The dock, which is a glorified pass-through cable.

The comments he's gotten so far are, shall we say, special.

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  1. leopanthera says:

    Does he really think that the line-out uses a microphone? I can't tell if he's trying to be sarcastic.

  2. gryazi says:

    ...at least it's not like Apple patented the connector and then got every manufacturer of consumer-grade audio equipment to standardize on it.

    • pikuorguk says:

      When I finally scrape together enough cash to buy an iPhone 4, am I going to discover it won't work with the docks I have on several items of cheap quality audio hardware I own?

      Or is the audio-out and charging crap the same on all Apple devices with dock connectors?

      • dr_memory says:

        When I finally scrape together enough cash to buy an iPhone 4, am I going to discover it won't work with the docks I have on several items of cheap quality audio hardware I own?

        Thankfully, probably not. Hilariously, only Apple has ever felt the need to lock their docks to particular iphone/pod models: as far as I know all of the third-party ones are universally compatible. As long as your i4 physically fits into the seat, you should be fine.

        • pikuorguk says:

          That's OK, the one in my car is just a wire with a dock plug on it, and the one in my radio could be modified with a dremel tool ;-)

          • hatter says:

            Unless the radio was designed for the first gen iphone, it'll probably take universal dock inserts. I think you get 3 inserts in a pack for $9, so you'd have one for your radio, another for if you bought a universal dock, and a spare for, er, cluttering up a drawer somewhere.

            the hatter

        • jerub says:

          Annoyingly, my 4th gen ipod nano doesn't charge in my car, but interfaces with the radio fine. As a result I still have a first gen ipod mini storing all my driving music.

        • lafinjack says:

          ...as far as I know all of the third-party ones are universally compatible.

          My iTouch wouldn't work with the third-party cable my brother had for his iPod, giving me a message saying the connector wasn't supported or something like that.

      • kebernet says:

        It is *not* the same on all Apple devices with dock connectors. I have the iPod Hi Fi and it doesn't work with iPhones. The audio out will play, but it tells me it doesn't have the appropriate copy protection signature on the dock to charge an iPhone.

      • cfs_calif says:

        Oddly the first generation iPhone dock fits the new iPhone just fine. Hey where's my iPhone. Oh it's on the old dock. Wheeee.

  3. curlyeric says:

    I would say that, while a crappy way to do business, people that seem shocked have a short memory for iPod accessories. The litany of accessory abuse that Apple has imposed over the years on iPod buyers shows no sign of letting up anytime soon. Starting with the accessory port, loss of firewire, moving to the ipod 40 pin cable, clickwheel games, FM tuners that work on one generation of models, chipped cables, new video out cables, and now with docks.

  4. rane500 says:

    Some of the responses to the "special" comments are pretty damn funny. I laughed very loudly when I got to:

    "Yes, clearly when you spend some money you should have no problem spending some more money, I agree."

  5. wisn says:

    Bizarre, but I'm not surprised.

    I got an old Apple universal iPod dock a couple years ago from a store remaindering them to make room for newer hawttness.

    When i plug my iPhone in, I get a chime and alert telling me that the dock is not designed for this iPhone, and puts up some buttons to let me choose whether to put the phone into airplane mode.

    And then... the phone charges and syncs as if nothing is wrong. Even the alert/option box goes away and the phone operates just as if it were attached to any other sync cable. This happens every time the phone docks, because there's no way to confirm that by golly gosh darn, yes, I want to use this phone and that dock together.

    I've eventually realized that old dock is even better than any of Apple's current or future docks, because if I'm busy I can drop the phone in, tap the screen, and all calls will shunt straight to voice mail. It works with universal cradle adaptors, so I'll eventualy have a 4th-gen phone chiming about it. There's no downside.

    • superbacana says:

      IIRC, the message explains the rationale: it says that this dock is not designed to minimize radio interference with the phone, and, if you play music through the dock without putting it in airplane mode, you might hear a godawful intermittent buzzing noise.

      Whether or not one wants to see this same message every time, at least there's a reason.

      • wisn says:

        I get no more or less buzzing than when the phone's near speakers and undocked, or on a run-of-the-mill passthrough tether. The message is disingenuous.

        At least by using a dock I get the phone standing face-forward, and it's reserved a spot on my desk where the phone doesn't cause interference.

  6. baconmonkey says:

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  7. rob_from_ca says:

    I'm gonna guess "he's doing it wrong." Original iPhone docks work totally unmodified with the iPhone 4. Original iPhone docks, when dremeled out to fit the 3G, also worked fine (http://forum.hardmac.com/index.php?showtopic=4479). If his works with his old phone and not the new one, I'm going to chalk it up to damaging a wire that was previously unused but now in the iPhone 4 is required.

    Plus, the dock has always been $29, it was never $20 or $25. Actually it was $49 with the original iPhone if you wanted an extra, although that came with a sync cord and extra wall power connector.

  8. lovingboth says:

    Favourite comment: "it's common sense that the universal dock adapter is for the universal dock, which in my opinion is the best dock Apple sells because majority of their products work with it."