So, this is bad, right?

Dear Lazyweb,

My iMac (2008 24" 3.06 Core 2 Duo) has been making a lot more (which is to say, "any") fan noise for the last few days. Resetting NVRAM and SMU didn't change it. Vents are clean, room is cool, load is 0.17.

    25°C Ambient Air
    39°C CPU A Heatsink
    44°C CPU A Temperature Diode
    46°C Graphics Processor Chip 1
    44°C Graphics Processor Heatsink 1
    98°C Graphics Processor Temperature Diode
    58°C Hard Drive Bay 1
    43°C Memory Controller
    50°C Optical Drive
    41°C Power Supply Position 1
    59°C SMART Disk Hitachi HDS722020ALA330 (JK1130YAH94N1T)
    37°C Wireless Module
So, that's bad, right?
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