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Holy shit, people, that Lords of Acid + Thrill Kill Kult show was EPIC! That was certainly one of the best shows we've ever had here.

I've seen Thrill Kill Kult probably a dozen times, and they were definitely at the top of their game last night. Lords of Acid were also great. I last saw them 15 years ago, and this time they were as good as I remember, though it's mostly a different band now. Besides Praga Khan, they had folks from Powerman 5000 and Revolting Cocks, and the new singer was Lacey from Nocturne, who has played here several times with Pigface.

And it sold out! We like that.

I took some inexplicably good photos of TKK and LoA. I'm not really sure how that happened, because most of these were taken while bouncing around in the pit and trying to do all three of: not get knocked down, not lose my camera, and oh yeah, also compose a shot.

Photos are also up of the latest SFIEC Hair Show, which had some impressive constructions this time. Also, Unter Null + Cyanotic + Rabbit Junk + Cynical Mass.

Tonight: the Hubba/Bootie mash-up: the Hubba Hubba Revue Pirate Show, with Smash-Up Derby. Be there, arrr.


"Apple Stargate Chamber"!

This just in, Jobs is still a douche, but this is pretty cool looking:


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