Rez 2!

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7 Responses:

  1. jered says:

    1) Will it come with a vibrator attachment?

    2) Do people still play 90s trance?

  2. andrewducker says:


    Now I have to buy an XBox 360. And a Kinect.


  3. buddycasino says:

    Pardon my ignorance, but this looks like one of those cheap commercials for Tunnel Trance Force Compilation Vol. 76. If thats what synaesthesia looks like, I gladly decline.

    • editer says:

      I think that's more what synaesthesia smells like.

    • pikuorguk says:

      It is a bit "Happy Bangin' Hardcore 2010" isn't it. Could the bloke in the video actually see anything, or was he stood in a blue-screen room and told to "give it large" for a bit?

      Needs more Underworld.

      Also, I am human, thanks for asking.