Pop Kill.

Inspired by BP's amazing work in the gulf, I have solved the problem of my popcorn maker spewing corn all over my floor with the construction a Containment Dome:

So don't let anyone tell you that nothing good has come of it.

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17 Responses:

  1. Nice popcorn boom, sir.

  2. gargargar says:

    In the glorious future, popcorn will eat itself.

  3. gryazi says:

    You should totally get the patent before Ronco gets their hands on this.

    • jwz says:

      The weird thing is, I spent a long time looking for a better air-popper that didn't have this spray probelm -- either a more directed nozzle, or an enclosed space for a bowl -- and it seems like every popper in the world is of almost exactly the same shape as the two-decade-old one I have. I feel the Invisible Hand of Patents at work here.

      • wisn says:

        I've got a version of the Popcorn Pumper air-popper with a squat, yellow-and-white body and a large plastic top chute that diverts the popcorn out and downward:

        The outlet flares really wide, so when a kernel gets pushed up by the popped corn around it before it pops, it can still manage to spray popcorn all over the counter. It doesn't make nearly the mess your machine can, though, because kernels can't carom straight off the heater and out without being diverted downward into the bowl.

        Somebody discovered a few years ago that the round yellow-white machines are the highest-wattage popcorn makers and are ideal for roasting coffee. So there was a run on them at Salvation Army stores across the country. They're still out there in rummage sales, but they're harder to find now.

  4. jkonrath says:

    I guess this works slightly better than spamming everyone you know with a crappy facebook petition to seize and nationalize all of Orville Redenbacker's assets.

  5. Did you put it in place using robots?

  6. giles says:

    Did you even try the Kevin Costner Popcorn Centrifuge?

  7. wisn says:

    I can see by your use of a hot-air machine that you do not like your popcorn oily.

  8. egon010 says:

    And note that unlike BP, the Containment Dome is arranged with a catch basin. Welcome to booming 101! Well done, sir.

  9. miguelitosd says:

    I solved that ages ago by just using a paper towel. I just pin the end of it under the butter dish/thing on top (which I never actually melt butter in) and use a paper towel long enough (usually a double towel or triple when using the smaller segmented ones) to reach the other side of the bowel. Then I use the towel for something else (usually as a napkin while eating the popcorn anyway) vs wasting it.

    captcha: accepted insane

  10. jackbrinks says:

    I use a popper that doesn't suffer from corn spewing. It does require some manual labor however:

    The Whirley Pop