mixtape 090

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 090.

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  1. pvck says:

    I have never seen solarization used to better effect than on Follow Me Down. Actually justification for that effect, almost.

    • strspn says:

      Also, topless YouTube vids is worth the loss of Turkey as a market. (Cox, Archibald (1980) Freedom of Expression, p. 89.)

      I love Broad Bean Band. I didn't like the death-fire thing at the beginning of the set, and as usual, there were some I saw I can't remember much about because the good ones, as usual, were so good. All of the rest I remember in the set I really like. Hundred in the Hands was good. "Le fèminisme" was fantastic, except for the part about running with a bullhorn, but I'm sure Dr. Cox would approve of that, too.

      "The Ghost Inside" by Broken Bells was my favorite. I insist that the ship went to go invite the guys who patched it up to the paradise she will make of the place by the time it gets back.